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The Path to a Safer Future

Vikela is creating the next generation of ballistic armour focusing on sustainable, lightweight and comfortable protection.

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Better for Soldiers, Better for the Planet

Our innovation is manufactured using the latest technology. Vikela armour finds its superior strength from our unique patent pending structure in our material. 

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75% Lighter

Our smart material enables a lighter stronger body armour.

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100% Protection

We can achieve full body coverage.

Fits all body sizes, equally.

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Designed for diversity.

Product is 100% recyclable

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Vikela armour is made from material that is 100% recyclable. 

Current body armour is working against military personnel.


10kg is too heavy.

Imagine carrying a car tyre on your back in 40°C for 10 hours. As well as up to 44Kg of extra kit

Why we need to change

One size does not fit all

The military have become diverse, body armour has not. Female personnel have an increased risk of injury.


11% of the body is protected

It is unacceptable that 89% of the body is exposed to injury.


Company Support 

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Meet The Team 


Adam Smith 

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Product Design and



Jenny Gregg 

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Product Design and


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Peter Gilleece 

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Founder and CEO 


Robert  Stewart 

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Materials and Manufacturing



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Marketing and Grants

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